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Nutrition Care was founded over 40 years ago by Professor Ian Brighthope, a pioneer of nutritional medicine in Australia and worldwide.
We have long recognised the importance of optimal nutrition in the treatment and prevention of illness while improving people’s wellbeing through high quality, innovative, evidence-based formulations and education.

Our interest in gut health goes back a long way. In fact, Nutrition Care was the first to introduce probiotics into Australia. Now we provide people with a comprehensive range of gut health products to meet their specific needs. We achieve our goals through an ongoing commitment to credible research, development of effective formulations with minimal side-effects, and testing the effectiveness of the products with clinical trials. We are also committed to helping the general public understand that a healthy gut is the fundamental of overall wellbeing and health.
Love Your Gut, Live Your Life! ---

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About Ozfarm

Oz Farm Royal is a proud Australian dairy company that formulates nutritional milk powders for optimal health, vitality and development - for all stages of life.

Our milk is exclusively sourced from 100% Australian dairy farms – from Gippsland, in Victoria, Australia, which recognised worldwide for producing the highest quality milk possible.

Every cow is identified by the National Livestock Identification Scheme and is BSE free (bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Better still our cows eat and roam naturally without artificial feed or feedlots.

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"Where nature, research and innovative production processes meet to help build a better future."

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