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Nutrition Care was founded over 40 years ago by Professor Ian Brighthope, a pioneer of nutritional medicine in Australia and worldwide.
We have long recognised the importance of optimal nutrition in the treatment and prevention of illness while improving people’s wellbeing through high quality, innovative, evidence-based formulations and education.

Our interest in gut health goes back a long way. In fact, Nutrition Care was the first to introduce probiotics into Australia. Now we provide people with a comprehensive range of gut health products to meet their specific needs. We achieve our goals through an ongoing commitment to credible research, development of effective formulations with minimal side-effects, and testing the effectiveness of the products with clinical trials. We are also committed to helping the general public understand that a healthy gut is the fundamental of overall wellbeing and health.
Love Your Gut, Live Your Life!

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About ADP

Australian Dairy Park is a large-scale enterprise equipped with modern processing and packing facilities. ADP specialises in the manufacture and packaging of infant formula milk powders, functional milk powders and milk powder for the elderly. Our annual production capacity is more than 10,000 tons.

Our factory has installed the most advanced equipment (imported from Sweden, Germany, Japan and other international countries) and the highest degree of automation technology, such as our fully automatic intelligent robot operating system and, especially noteworthy, our automated fully sealed sterile vacuum conveying system.
As Australia’s most up-to-date dairy manufacturing enterprises, ADP actively promotes our “Green, Natural, Safe, Premium-quality” products. Based on customer demands, ADP has worked diligently developing, manufacturing and packaging a dedicated range of infant formula products and a variety of dairy functional formulations for customers in Australia and overseas.

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"Where nature, research and innovative production processes meet to help build a better future".

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