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Ausnutria Australia, trading as Ausnutria Proprietary Limited (Ausnutria Pty. Ltd), is an organization that incorporates product research and development, commercial manufacturing, sales and marketing in Australia. In order to become the world’s most trusted brand for infant formula and health supplements, the Group has established a Research and Development team in Australia, to support Ausnutria’s global market needs, patent applications, and new product development requirements. The objectives for the Australian Research and Development team are:

Perform important research and development studies;
• Build a global food and nutrition knowledge database, and intellectual property systems;
• Facilitate links between the Chinese and Australian Market, Research and Development partners, and Foreign Research Institutes;
• Inquire about international alliances, seek opportunities for technical cooperation, and effective supply of raw materials.

In terms of nutritional supplements, gastrointestinal health is the cornerstone of human health. Therefore, Ausnutria Australia’s Research and Development team will focus on gastrointestinal health related product development that is verified by clinical research, in order to provide effective solutions for people with different gastrointestinal symptoms and ailments. In the future, new product developments will focus not only on the gastrointestinal system, but also on other inter-related systems that are important for the human body and well being.

In terms of infant formulas, the Research and Development team will continue to study the world’s leading nutritional formulas and high-quality ingredients, providing consumers with dairy products to suit any nutritional requirement.

As scientific research continues to progress rapidly every day, and in order for the Research and Development team to continue to strive for excellence, Ausnutria Australia will make research and development, a priority, to support long-term sustained product development and company growth.

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National Institute of Integrative Medicine (The design templates for NIIM is enclosed as attachment)
Technical University of Denmark (The design templates for DTU logos can be found at:

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