"Where nature, research and innovative production processes meet to help build a better future".

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About Ausnutria

Welcome to the world of Austnutria

Where nature, research and innovative production processes meet to help build a better future. Where children grow and families thrive.
Where all that nature offers are harvested and nurtured to help maintain good health – for every stage of life.
Ausnutria group was founded in 2003 with the very simple, yet powerful mission of Nourishing life and Growth, along with an equally strong vision for the future: to be the most trusted milk formulation, nutrition and healthcare company in the world.

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As an important component of Ausnutria global business, we currently have two business sectors in Australia with complete value chain.

Dairy business

Australian Dairy Park is Australia’s most up-to-date dairy manufacturing facility, specialising in the manufacture and packaging of infant formula milk powders and functional milk powders. The Oz Farm range (including infant formula, toddler formula, adult formula, liquid milk) provides nutritional products for optimal health, vitality and development - for all stages of life.

Nutritional health

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, an Australian innovator of premium grade nutritional and herbal products, was founded over 40 years ago. The range (with a special interest in gut and digestive health) includes practitioner only products, which are available exclusively to qualified health care professionals, as well as the NC retail range, which is specializing in leading gut health area, are accessible to consumers in pharmacies.

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Ausnutria Group

Welcome to Ausnutria Global
Ausnutria Dairy Corporation (Stock code: 1717.HK) is an international high-end dairy and nutrition products enterprise with an entire business chain of raw milk collection, R&D, production, and end-market sales. The Company’s global sales and service network cover the People’s Republic of China, Australia, North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and beyond. Founded in September 2003, the Company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in October 2009, spotlighted as the first Chinese infant formula company to list in Hong Kong.
At this time, Ausnutria possesses ten factories around the world, among which there are two in China, five in the Netherlands, two in Australia, and one in New Zealand. They provide a diversified product portfolio covering infant formula, toddler formula, adult formula, liquidity milk, and other nutrition products.

Ausnutria Group (HK List Co.) - www.ausnutria.com.hk
Ausnutria China - www.ausnutria.com
Ausnutria Netherland - www.ausnutria-netherlands.com
Please refer to the existing Ausnutria Australia website for reference of linking to other countries’ websites.

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