Expert panel to discuss new approaches to gut health


A panel of experts has been convened to address the global crisis of poor gut health and to analyse possible new approaches to better gut health in the future. 

The expert panel, hosted by Nutrition Care consisted of Australian Naturopath Lynda Griparic; Taiwanese Nutritionist, Herbalist and Lecturer, Wang Ming Yong; Chinese Director of Clinical Nutrition, Qinbing Yang and Australian dietitian Geraldine Georgeou. 

The panel discussed the importance of the gut microbiome, how it can affect our health and what factors can negatively impact it. The experts also talked about long term usage of commonly prescribed medications and intervention strategies to restore good gut health.

A summary of new research into an herbal gut relief formulation was presented by lead researcher, Associate Professor Dr Karin Ried from the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM), where 50 participants with gastrointestinal symptoms were enrolled into a 16 week dose response study, which focused on the Nutrition Care "NC Gut Relief" formulation.

The study showed that NC Gut Relief can help to reduce the frequency and severity of gastrointestinal symptoms by 60-80%.1 Healing of leaky gut, resulting in a healthier gut membrane was also a significant finding from the study. 

Dr Peter Eng and Dr Carolina Gonzalez presented case studies illustrating the benefits patients have received from treating their gut health problems with NC Gut Relief. Dr Gonzalez spoke of a case study patient diagnosed with Leaky Gut through a Gut DNA test, who experienced symptoms ranging from constant bloating, not feeling well after eating, difficulty sleeping and a low mood. This patient was given NC Gut Relief for a minimum of 12 weeks. A second Gut DNA test showed significant improvement in symptoms. This patient has been taking NC Gut Relief for 12 months (now in maintenance phase, once per day) and all symptoms have decreased to minimal disturbance. The patient has now become comfortable eating out at restaurants and sleeps through the night for the first time in years. 

The Gut Foundation says that half the population in Australia complains of some type of digestive problem over a one year period. The Foundation also says we are now at a stage where almost every Australian will know someone who is affected by heartburn, diarrhoea, an ulcer, irritable bowel or Crohn’s disease, colitis, or even bowel cancer. Worst of all, the rates are increasing.2

70 per cent of our immune system resides in the gut and is one of the first lines of defence. If gut health is compromised, then so is the immune system’s capacity for protection. The latest research is also starting to reveal a deep connection between the mind and the microbiome via the gut-brain axis.3

A core part of the Symposium discussions focused on how we can help reduce some of the causes contributing to gut health problems by looking at our modern lifestyles and diets - highlighting that some of the problems associated with gastrointestinal issues can be linked to diet and lifestyle. 

To round discussions off, Nutrition Care showcased their latest innovative products in the gut health range for people looking to improve their symptoms and achieve good gut health. 

These products now incorporate a new shopper friendly label design that will help improve consumer understanding of what each product does, and makes it easier to identify key benefits.

  • NC Gut Relief with Honey Chewables – The successful NC Gut Relief now available as a refreshing tasting, convenient chewable tablet.
  • NC Bowel Cleanse Chewable tablets to relieve constipation gently, safely and effectively, with the added benefit of key ingredients for healthier looking skin.
  • NC Seasonal Biotic – Synbiotic powder mix of probiotics and prebiotics for the relief of rhinitis.
  • NC Flora Biotic – Synbiotic powder mix of probiotics and prebiotics to support women’s urogenital microbiome health.
  • NC Ulti-digest 66 - A blend of 60 different fruit and vegetables that have undergone a 540-day probiotic fermentation process to assist the digestive process and help support frequent bowel movements.
  • NC Polybac Everyday – Probiotic capsules to help strengthen the immune and gastrointestinal systems

Other exciting additions launched at the Symposium include a newly refreshed Nutrition Care website which includes an abundance of new gut health lifestyle tips, and a new self-assessment tool that asks symptom related questions to determine if people have existing gut issues. 

Nutrition Care also announced their ‘Love Your Gut’ awareness program. The program highlights the challenges with achieving good gut health and the problematic lifestyle causes that can negatively impact gut health. The awareness program ultimately provides education and lifestyle tips on how to achieve good gut health for the general public, in addition to sessions with other like-minded businesses who provide employee wellbeing sessions. 
NC Gut Relief is distributed by Nutrition Care in Australia and available at Priceline Pharmacy. For more information about the Nutrition Care range, please visit

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